Red Rocks Amphitheatre

17598 W Alameda Pkwy 80465 Map

Capacity 9,525

A Colorado classic, Red Rocks is the premier open air music venue and draws many sold-out shows, generally from April - October.

For drivers, the venue can be tricky to navigate, with many parking lots spread out in distance and elevation. Each lot has its own name. Know the lingo: "upper north", "lower south", etc.! Communicating with riders an exact location for pickup and drop off is essential.

This full sized venue map (pdf) is very helpful. If your day might take you to Red Rocks, consider printing it out for reference. Also consider having extra copies for riders.

Policies regarding drivers for hire are always changing, the following is from the official Red Rocks page under the "Uber/Lyft & Taxi" section


There are four areas patrons can be dropped off (except party buses) to gain access to the venue.
  • Upper South Lot – Preferred ADA (rows 1 – 36) drop-off point
  • Top Circle Lot – Preferred ADA (rows 37 – 70) drop off-point & Limo Drop off point
  • Trading Post – Preferred Uber/Lyft & Taxi drop-off point
  • East Stairs – Preferred Limo drop-off point


Patron pickup is located on Trading Post Road South. Enter the park at Entrance 2 and head south to the Trading Post Road intersection. Parking attendants will direct you to the closest available parking location. Drivers are required to wait at their vehicle for patrons to arrive. Parking attendants are available for questions and to help patrons find pickup locations.
Uber's dedicated driver page is a great resource.